NUDUD ['nudud] n. from Swedish nudda ['nudda] touch lightly, brush against; udd ['udd] tip, point

We work with glove brands to make touchscreens and gloves really work together.
With any touchscreen device, with high precision - taking off gloves/mitts is not longer necessary.

NUDUD origins

NUDUD's origins were the harsh winter conditions of Scandinavia, where as the temperature drops, gloves and mitts get bigger, bulkier and more insulated.

At some point using gloves with touchscreen material on is too difficult and you end up taking them off in the freezing cold to be able use the touchscreen properly. Add to that a watertight sleeve to protect equipment, and suddenly the gloves sometimes don't work at all.

Existing touchscreen solutions did not work well enough when you need them most, and we set off to solve this problem. Since then, NUDUD has evolved to suit a variety of other needs and situations, from heat to cold, from work to play. When taking off gloves or mittens to handle a touchscreen is not an option - for either protection, safety or comfort reasons, just contact us.

NUDUD - When gloves off is not an option