NUDUD is about precision and effortless usage of any glove with any touchscreen.

NUDUD is a different approach, new thinking and unique knowhow that gives high touchscreen precision for gloves.

NUDUD is innovation, a mix of technolology, techniques and ergonomics. This mix gives us concepts that we combine in different ways to create a variety of solutions for any glove model, brand and segment.  

NUDUD evolves everytime we are brought a new challenge. The insights gained from extreme glove usage situations, like arctic cold, firefighting environments, and military requirements are reused to bring a variety of new creative solutions for all gloves.

So regardless if your brand provides gloves, mitts or mittens; for work, for play or just for everyday... there are always situations when taking them off to handle a touchscreen is not an option. When "just" having touchscreen material on the glove is not enough, we use our knowhow, technology and expertise to develop and improve touchscreen solutions for your glove models.

We work together with glove brands to integrate our knowhow in their design process, to achieve a solution that suits both your needs and glove philosophy.

For every glove model and usage situation there is a solution. We know what works, and what doesn't. We can improve your current touchscreen solution, sometimes small changes can make a huge difference for the user the glove.

For every segment, from wintersports to snowmobiles, from climbing to motorcycling, from firefighting to military we can help.

For work, play or just for everyday... which is your NUDUD situation?